Choosing Staircase Designs

Posted by Sue Pearson on November 22, 2017 in Staircases |
Staircase Designs

A staircase is a vital part of a home as it defines the beauty of the house. It is the staircase that needs to match the style as well as the design of the floor plan of the home to make it look more beautiful than it would without a staircase. Now when you decide to get a staircase for your home, here are a few considerations to consider when deciding on whether to have the stairs and what kind to have in your home or office. You will have to seek out a few questions and find the right answers to these.

Firstly, you will have to decide whether or not you want to buy the staircase design directly from your design company or whether you are going to look into an outside source for the log staircase. Most companies offer various types and designs of staircases that you might choose from, and this might be an easier job to do as it is more likely that from here you will find the stairs that will match the design and floor plan of your log home as it is by the same provider.

The placement, as well as the size of the staircase, is another vital factor that will influence your decision to a great degree. It should be according to your rooms that you ought to decide the size of the staircase to make sure that it does not take up a lot of your living space without a cause. You need to find a specified location for your stairs. If you locate your staircase near a corner, then you can have enough space at the bottom and the top.

In choosing stairs, always consider the safety of the type you will be selecting. For instance, if guests will be running up and down the stairs frequently, you probably will not want to install stairs that have a large opening between each step. It will be easy for someone to fall. Working with a reputable company will ensure that you meet requirements, particularly for a place of business, which will have building codes that must be followed.

It is important to know if your manufacturer follows building code requirements of either the organization they belong to or the location they serve or both. Reputable manufacturers of spiral staircase kits, or steel and iron products, in general, are members or civic manufacturing organization that provides accreditations. Make yourself aware of these building codes and see and make sure that your manufacturer strictly follows them, especially when it comes to the precise measurement requirements.

Curves and shapes are a significant factor when choosing staircase designs. When it comes to choosing stairs for your homes, you can have a wide variety of choice to what type of curve/ shape design you want to have your stairs. You should opt for up to a standard design that covers less space if you have a small place to work. Dual spiral stairs work very well with ample space. It is better to have a builder examine your home as a builder can assess its structure very well and can point you in the right direction.

Who will be utilizing the home or building? Be sure to consider elderly clients, small children and those with disabilities. Will they be able to function efficiently with stairs or would they be better served either with an elevator or just a single floor space? Once you have decided that stairs are the best selection of the goal you are working towards, it is time to decide on the type. There are several to choose from.

Among these selections are spiral and straight staircases. Of course, you can work with a company to have something custom made as well.

Straight staircases are a great option if you will have small children just learning to use stairs or for simplicity in general.

If you are looking for something a little more elegant, a spiral staircase adds a nice touch, especially if they sit close to your front door. It is more of a grand entrance effect.

Curved staircases are a nice touch of elegance in an office or other professional building as well. When deciding on types for this kind of setting, steel stairs are also a nice option. They will give the durability that a building supporting massive traffic will need.

These are some measures need to take to choose the perfect and durable staircase of your home. One impression that must be kept in mind is that before selecting the design, you must select the material as it is one of the most important things and the entire staircase is dependent on that.

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